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Consignment Policy

Consignment Policy

Acceptance of Furnishings

Impulse accepts upscale home furnishings and accessories on consignment by appointment ONLY. Small items may be brought in during your appointment (please limit to 10 items or less per visit). Impulse requires a printed picture or an emailed photo of larger furniture pieces, or rugs larger than 4’ x 6’ for review. Impulse will call you when space is available for your larger items. We prefer window treatments, pillows, & bedding to be custom made and less than 5 years old. They must be clean and measured prior to your appointment.


One time Consignment Set Up Fee - $15
Check Writing Fee - $1 (this will be deducted from your Commission check each time you are due one).


Impulse and the Consignor will work together to come to a mutually agreed upon price based on original cost, age, and condition of the item.

Consignment Period / Pricing Schedule

Home furnishings are accepted on a 90-day consignment period, with an additional 7 days to arrange for pickup of unsold items. Items will be marked down 15% after 30 days, and 30% from the original price after 60 days. Unsold items NOT picked up on/or within 7 days PRIOR to the 97th day, will be subject to donation and are NOT RETRIEVABLE. Please call ahead to schedule pickup of unsold items.


The Consignor receives 50% of the actual selling price on each item. Commission checks are available for pick up in store on the 15th of every month and after for the previous month sales. Example: If your item sells on January 1st your check will be available on February 15th. You will be notified via email if you have a check to pick up along with a list of items you're getting paid for.

Delivery & Pick Up

The Consignor is solely responsible for the delivery and pick up of all items, including loading and unloading.

24 Hour Approval

Impulse allows you to try an item(s) at home for 24 hours by leaving your credit card information or a form of payment. If the item is not returned by 5:30 the following business day, the purchase price plus tax will be charged.

NO Returns

The sale of all consigned and retail items is final.

Purchased Items

Once an item is purchased, it must be removed from the shop within 3 business days. After 3 days, the customer will be charged a $15 per day storage fee.  

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